Plink Freshener & Cleaner, Fizzy Drain, Fresh Lemon

Freshens: The drain & room! Fizzes Away foul odors. Prevents drain build-up. Freshens & cleans any drain! Plink Fizzy Drain Freshener & Cleaner lets you freshen and clean any drain in your home. Our fizzing and fragrance technology eliminates foul drain odors and boosts fragrance to freshen the entire room. The innovative formula reaches deep to clean drains and keep them flowing smoothly. Plink is safe for all plumbing and septic systems. Punk your drain at least twice a week or as needed. Contains Britex: Helping protect children. The bitter taste of Bitrex will help protect your children against accidental ingestion of this product. Contains no phosphates. Safe for septic. For helpful tips, periodic offers and information on the family of Plink products visit: Performance Guaranteed: If not satisfied with product performance mail register receipt along with UPC to Summit brands for a full refund. For further information visit Made in the USA.