Goop Plumber's Adhesive and Sealant, Original Formula

Original formula. Industrial strength. Stronger than glue. A versatile adhesive and sealant that may be used for just about any do-it-yourself plumbing project. Use it to seal leaking pipes, downspouts, gutter seams and porcelain fixtures. Formulated to seal and stick to a wide variety of materials, you'll find it's even stronger than silicone on PVC, tile and garden hoses. Waterproof and flexible when dry, so it won't break or crack under pressure. Use on metal, rubber, vinyl, plastic, glass, wood, canvas, tile, concrete. No mess, easy to use. Permanent, lasting repair. Seal sinks and countertops. Connect PVC, ABS and copper pipes. Reattach loose tiles. Seal around sink traps.