Holmes Blizzard Fan, Oscillating Power

HAOF90. Blizzard Power: Advanced blade system delivers maximum air flow. Motorized Oscillation: Allows for wide area coverage. Wall-Mountable: Offers complete versatility for improved air circulation. 3 speed settings. Adjustable-tilt fan head. Motorized Oscillation: Multi-directional oscillation cools larger areas faster and more efficiently. Wall-Mountable: This powerful fan is designed to oscillate from a wall-mounted position for improved air circulation. Total Flex Adjustable-Tilt Fan Head: The Total Flex adjustment fan head is designed to tilt back to provide maximum cooling power, even when oscillating. Save up to $60 on your annual summer cooling costs (Use this fan product to feel comfortable at higher temperatures. Savings based on turning up the thermostat 7 degrees, 24 hours a day, 25 weeks a year and using the fan for 12 hours a day. Calculated using information forecasted by the Energy Information Administration, March 2008). Intertek Listed. Made in China.