Alcon Lens Drops Clerz Plus .17 Oz Box

Sterile. Ideal for extended wear lenses. Rewets and refreshes all lenses [For use with soft (hydrophilic) and gas permeable (Fluorosilicone acrylate and silicone acrylate gas permeable lenses) contact lenses. Including silicone hydrogel lenses. Including silicone hydrogel lenses]. Clears your lenses while you wear. Clerz Plus Lens Drops remoistens and refreshes your lenses for greater wearing comfort. It also helps remove particulate material that may cause minor irritation, discomfort, dryness, blurring and itchiness while wearing your lenses. Only Clerz Plus Lens Drops contains patented RLM-100, which helps prevent protein deposit buildup on soft (hydrophilic) lenses while you wear them, when used as directed. Works while you wear your lenses to moisturize your eyes and lenses.