Seeds Of Change Quinoa & Wild Rice, Whole Grain Blend, Amantani

Certified organic. USDA organic. Seeds of Change was in born in 1989 with, we admit it, a pretty ambitious mission: To preserve the biodiversity of the world's food supply while advancing the cause of sustainable organic agriculture around the globe. Yes, we were thinking big to say the least. First order of business: creating the largest and most diverse organic seed stock ever assembled, including countless varieties in danger of vanishing forever. Our certified organic foods are a natural extension, made exclusively with organically-grown vegetables and herbs. Delicious. Nutritious. And above all, sustainable. On the border between Peru and Bolivia, at 12,500 feet in elevation, you'll find Lake Titicaca. The world's highest navigable lake. And upon Lake Titicaca, you'll find the namesake of the product you hold in your hands: a charming island called Maintain. It's in this enchanting region that we found the inspiration for red, black and white quinoa for our Maintain blend. Now if we could just invent a plausible reason to go back for another quinoa-themed business trip. Certified organic by QAI. Whole grain quinoa is a product of Bolivia.