Ghirardelli Caffe Coffee, Gourmet, Ground, Light Roast, Chocolate Hazelnut

Rich creamy chocolate blended with European hazelnut and lightly dusted with Ghirardelli cocoa. Ghirardelli Chocolate Company began making distinctive chocolate over 150 years ago. Ghirardelli's rich, creamy chocolate flavor has been pleasing discriminating chocolate lovers ever since. Ghirardelli now introduces Ghirardelli Caffe, a line of robust chocolate coffees from around the world with the richest chocolate taste. An indulgent treat in every cup! Thanks to the vacuum valve on the front of this package, Ghirardelli Caffe can be vacuum packed immediately from roaster without waiting for the hot gases to dissipate. The valve allows these gases to escape gradually from the package while retaining the rich flavor inside. The result is pure delight: roaster-fresh coffee right from the shelf.