Tofurky Pizza, Pesto Supreme

Family owned & independent since 1980. Gluten free. Deliciously topped with gluten free, meat-free; sausage. Meat free. Non-GMO. Vegan. Pesto. And in this corner, the heavyweight champion of gluten-free vegan pizza: Tofurky Pesto Supreme! Weighing in at 17.5 oz of gluten-free vegan goodness, this is one hefty, special pie. Our tasty rice/potato flour crust is topped with pesto, wheat free sausage, roasted onions and red peppers, vegan cheese and a pinch of garlic. When it comes to flavor, this pizza really packs a punch, unheard of in the ring of gluten-free pizzas! This pizza knocks out the theory that gluten-free has to be flavor free!. Try our other great vegan pizzas! In 1995, Tofurky brought vegetarians back to the Thanksgiving table with a high protein, vegan, cholesterol free option. Today we continue to innovate by offering the first gluten-free vegan pizza with faux meat and veggie toppings. Join us in our goal for: No pizza eater left behind. With the help of a Blue Sky Community Project grant we were able to install 400 solar panels on our production plant which will produce 119MWh hours of electricity a year. This is enough electricity to power 10-1/2 average homes for 12 months. Leed platinum Tofurky plant Hood River, OR. Production plant rooftop solar panels. Tofurky: Family owned since 1980. Facebook: Twitter: Recycled. 100% recycled paperboard. Recyclable. Low voc inks. Made in the USA.