Cookwell & Co Vinaigrette, Olive & Lemon

Our Chefs Recommend this Dressing on: Chopped iceberg with tomatoes, pasta salads, sliced tomatoes & onions, cucumber salad. Visit for more recipe ideas. Tired of the same of ol' salad dressings? So were the chefs at Cookwell, which is why we created our unique Line of dressings with flavors that aren't duplicated anywhere. From our Olive and Lemon Vinaigrette, which boasts Manzanillo Olives as its main ingredient, to our Asian Ginger Vinaigrette - an authentic Japanese steakhouse dressing - we've developed dressings for those of you looking for something different. From the owners of Cookwell - Enjoy! - Will Brian Kyl. Gluten free. Cookwell. Eat well. Live well.