Fat Heads Brewery Beer, Ale, Honey Blueberry, Bumble Berry

A light refreshing ale with honey and blueberries. Most refreshing beer in America - Brewing News Global Warming Open. Chill out man have a beer! Award winning! Head Hunter India Pale Ale: Silver Award, American-Style India Pale Ale World Beer Cup 2012, 2014; Silver Medal 2010, Bronze Medal 2011 American-Style India Pale Ale Great American Beer Festival. Hop Juju Imperial India Pale Ale: Gold Medal, Imperial India Pale Ale Great American Beer Festival 2013. Bone Head Red Imperial Red Ale: Silver Award, Imperial Red Ale World Beer Cup 2014. Battle Axe Baltic Porter: Silver Award, Baltic-Style Porter World Beer Cup 2012; Gold Medal, Baltic-Style Porter Great American Beer Festival 2011. Bumble Berry Honey Blueberry Ale: Most Refreshing Beer in America. Brewing News 2010. Alpenglow Weizenbock: 2012 Silver Medal, 2014 Gold Medal German-Style Wheat Beer Great American Beer Festival. Up in Smoke Smoked Porter: Silver Medal, Smoked Beer Great American Beer Festival 2009. Trail Head Pale Ale: Silver Medal, Fresh Hop Ale Great American Beer Festival 2013. Black Knight Schwarzbier: Silver Medal, German-Styles Schwarzbier Great American Beer Festival 2013. For info about our publications, tap house, brewery tours and a complete list of our other great beers visit fatheads.com. Check out our other beers at www.fatheads.com. 5.3% alc. by vol.