Auroshikha True to Nature Incense Sticks, African Violet

Rolled by hand in the traditional way. The Greeks believed that the scent of the violet flower could send one off to sleep. Its powerful and peculiar green leaf odor is enmeshed in an indisputable delicate floral note. Auroshikha African Violet incense is reminiscent of violets in a bouquet. It is based upon violet absolute. This fragrance is cooling and can be used for a calming and relaxing effect during times of nervousness or extremes of emotion. The Auroshikha difference: natural fragrances based upon herbs, flowers and essential oils; no glue used in incense paste: guaranteed non-toxic, no excess smoke; pastes made from sandal, other fragrant woods, barks and charcoal; traditional preparation: hand-rolled, never mass produced. This incense is made with ingredients as per the guidelines of the International Fragrance Association, Geneva, Switzerland. Made in India.