Fall Season on the North Coast of Ohio

Fall is a wonderful time on the North Coast of Ohio.  During your early morning walk through the fog and haze you hear in the distance a gaggle of geese approaching.  An early morning in the crisp air, your senses remind you of the warm cider and donuts that await you. This is just a glimpse of the wonders that make up our world in Port Clinton, Ohio.

We welcome you to spend some time with us on the North Coast and wish you the best.

We look forward to serving you here at Bassett’s Market.

Letter From The President Vol #2

Letter From The President


Volume #2                    September 2016


In the blink of an eye the summer season has flown by; soon the leaves will be changing, the air will become cooler, and the holiday season will be upon us!  We could really tell how the heat was affecting both communities of Bellevue and Port Clinton this summer with the movements of Gatorade, Powerade, and water.  Pretty soon we will have local pumpkins displayed for sale; Moore’s Apple Cider is already on the shelves, and Halloween candy will be available before you know it.


Some highlights from this summer were the Ohio sweet corn, Moore’s Peaches from Oak Harbor, and local watermelons that were as sweet as candy; we love supporting local farmers!  Speaking of produce . . . in Port Clinton we made a change for the better with our daily supplier in an effort to get the freshest and best assortment of organic fruits and vegetables as well as conventional items.  Since May 16th we have partnered with the Crosset Company (http://www.crosset.com) and have been pleased with the results thus far.  We are happy to announce that on September 19th we will be making the same switch at our Bellevue location.


As we enter our winter season we will be going into strategic mode and looking at how we can improve both stores.  This year in each location we launched the Boar’s Head brand of meats and cheeses in our delis (http://boarshead.com); the reception has been incredible.  We love their unique assortment, high quality of products, and they also have a ton of great pre-packaged items.  Our favorite Boar’s Head product is their Hummus, and with our family being of Syrian descent, we are incredibly critical Hummus eaters!


With football season already started, don’t forget to pick up the best dips, spreads, ribs, and chicken for your tailgate parties.  Our smoked products are becoming more and more popular, and if you haven’t tried our beef brisket yet, be sure to stop in to Port Clinton on Fridays and Saturdays for a sample.  GO BUCKS!


If you would like to receive our weekly ads electronically, we have set up a new email database that is available now.  We never share your information, so if you would like us to keep in touch with you on promotions, happenings, and news please send an email to marketing@bassettsmarket.com to be added to our list.


Thanks so much for your continued support; we wouldn’t be here without our loyal customers!  Have a great fall!


Charlie Bassett

President and CEO

September 7th, 2016

Letter From The President, Volume #1 May 2016

First of all, welcome to our new blog and thank you for visiting us here!  We are so fortunate to have such an amazing customer base that patronizes us regularly and likes to know what is going on in our company and community.  As I observe the daily happenings of our stores, I am quickly learning that Bassett’s Markets are more of community-meeting places (that just happens to sell groceries).

We are also fortunate to hear regular comments from our customers; comments on what nice stores we have, how great our staff members are, and how they love the products that we carry.  While these comments are nice to hear, we are not satisfied with the way we are doing business.

When I look at our stores I naturally tend to look at the things that are out of place; maybe an older looking refrigerated case, a wall that could use a fresh coat of paint, or some signage that has past its acceptable life span.  I’m here today to tell you that we take all of these things very seriously and are planning to make our “community meeting places” some of the warmest and most ergonomic places to shop.  Ergonomic, you may ask?


 (especially of workplace design) intended to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury.

 We recently visited a newly opened competitor’s store in a neighboring town.  While the store had some very nice elements to it, it was 130,000 square feet.  The sheer size of this store boggled my mind as I asked myself, “Who wants to walk a marathon distance just to get a gallon of milk?”  It really stressed the need to make sure that the formats of our stores are geared towards warmth, comfort, and convenience; principals that have been present in our family business since my great grandfather began in 1898.

Aesthetics, convenience, service, and value are a few things that we are currently working on in both of our stores.  We’ve invested in our team by hiring outside leadership and development consultants to help us serve our customers with world-class service.  We have developed Bassett’s “Innovation Station” so that we can hydroponically grow the absolute freshest produce in the area.  We are collaborating with our vendors and partners to be able to offer BOGO’s (Buy One Get One Free) so that we can double the value that you receive when you shop with us.  These are just a few of the things that we are working on to bring constant improvement and innovation into our locations.

Thank you for shopping with us, and thank you for visiting our blog feature.  Without customers like you, we wouldn’t have been able to pioneer the Grocery Industry since 1898.

-Charlie Bassett, President and CEO

Smoked Meats are a Hit at Bassetts Market

Walking into the Bassetts Market in Port Clinton with the smells of the smoker dancing across your nose is delightful and inviting to the taste buds.

Currently we are consistently smoking salmon, pork ribs and sirloin shoulders, beef brisket, and chicken. Occasionally we are smoking other species of fish and other proteins. We have and will also smoke items by request or suggestion. One of the suggested items is a bacon wrapped chicken thigh – WOW is the factor on that one. Oh So Good!

Bassetts Market is all about Great Food and letting our customers enjoy their time while in the Port Clinton area. That is why we say – “We’ll do the Work, While you have the Fun”


smoked pork

Lets Begin

First  – we need to talk about Customer Service. Lets think back 1898 when Bassetts Market began. Our business was built with the customer and neighbor in mind. Take care of those around you and keep the community in mind as a part of your plan.

At Bassetts Markets we have generations of staff that have lived and enjoyed their relationship with our customers. Whether it was a birth or graduation, wedding or funeral we were there.

Bassett’s Market Won The Grocery Industry’s Pinnacle Award For 2016

The award is based on operational excellence and significant contribution to Ohio’s food industry and is given annually to both a single store operator and a multi store operation. To read the full article describing this milestone event, please click on this link:

→Bassett’s Market 2016 Pinnacle Award

It was with great pride that Mike Bassett accepted the OGA (Ohio Grocers Association) Pinnacle Award. Mike noted in a recent interview with the Beacon – that their business philosophy is fairly simple: “We just want to make people happy when they come in”, adding “our staff understands who pays their wages.”

Now into our Fourth Generation we look forward. To continued growth, innovative ideas, and let’s not forget “great food” for our customers and neighbors.

Fishy Fishy from the Ocean

seafood banner

At Bassetts Market we purchase our seafood from Foley’s out of Boston, MA.  Foley customers are assured of freshness because Foley buyers hand select only “one and two day fish”, that is, those fish most recently caught, the freshest catch. By contrast, most Foley competitors purchase fish which averages four days old. Foley’s acquires these prime quality fish by either buying only from one or two day boats or by paying a nominal premium to get the “pick of the catch” from boats out longer. No fish is accepted by Foley’s until carefully scrutinized for quality and freshness. It is the Foley’s Difference!