• The seafood & sushi department at Bassett's Market
  • The seafood & sushi department at Bassett's Market
  • The seafood & sushi department at Bassett's Market
  • The seafood & sushi department at Bassett's Market
  • The seafood & sushi department at Bassett's Market

Basset’s Seafood department is famous for being the “Seafood Destination” of the area. Our fish offerings are fresh and flown overnight directly from Foley’s of New Bedford, Mass. to ensure the very best quality for you. We also smoke our own salmon right in the store in 3 flavors: Regular, Lemon Pepper, and Beer–n–Brown Sugar.

Every Friday and Saturday at the Port Clinton location our Seafood Road Show showcases the best in seafood. A sampling of typical selections available – Giant Alaskan King crab, Gulf raw shrimp, scallops, 3–4 different fresh seafood selections, homemade handmade (right from our kitchens) crab cakes, tuna and shrimp skewers, and much more!

We also carry exciting seafood dips and spreads, including our exclusive, best–selling Cajun Crab Dip. Stop in and check out our fresh daily catches flown right from the boat to you!

More About Foley Fish: The Point of Difference – BUYING, FRESHNESS & FLAVOR
Foley fish logo at Bassett's Market
Foley Fish has recently launched new “QR” (Quick Response) code technology as a means to share trace information for local New England species. We are confident this new technology will provide three major points of freshness.
  1. Your fish is fresh
  2. Your fish is sustainably caught by US fishermen
  3. Your fish is all natural
Foley customers are assured of freshness because Foley buyers hand select only “one and two day fish”, that is, those fish most recently caught, the freshest catch. By contrast, most Foley competitors purchase fish which averages four days old. Foley’s acquires these prime quality fish by either buying only from one or two day boats or by paying a nominal premium to get the “pick of the catch” from boats out longer. No fish is accepted by Foley’s until carefully scrutinized for quality and freshness.

Foley customers are guaranteed exceptional flavor because of Foley research into the “vineyards” of the sea. Hundreds of taste tests have taught us that fish of the same species can vary tremendously in flavor depending on the fishing grounds from which they are harvested. To use an analogy to wine, the flavor distinction is predicated on the fishing grounds (vineyard) that are unique because of the nutrients, the quality of the water and the amount of sunlight. Foley’s line of Signature Fish have distinct flavor superiority due to their unique fishing grounds. This line of Signature Fish provides a superior, unmatched selection of seafood.
Shop For Fresh Sushi At Bassett's Market!
Seafood and sushi at Bassett's Market
Our Sushi is made fresh daily by our experienced and talented Sushi Chefs, using only the very freshest ingredients to ensure healthy offerings with the highest purity of flavor. Come and enjoy!! If you are looking for something different and healthy for your next party or event, Sushi trays are available in a wide variety of sizes.

Stop by, we have updated our sushi department!
The seafood & sushi department at Bassett's Market

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